Manyland is an open world created and inhabited by all of you! In a universe that's infinite in all directions, you run around and explore, collect items you see, create things, build structures, chat with others, work in teams, have fun... and invent completely new things to do.

What's new?

July 31 2014: You can now one-click/ tap Readables in the side panel to open them!

July 31 2014: Readables and Writables now have the same text formatting options, so you can for instance embed Imgur's in Readables, or use four spaces to start monospaced font in Writables! Thanks Budgie, Jack & Ari!

July 31 2014: You now don't have to escape URLs in Interactings anymore in most cases!

July 31 2014: You can now one-tap open Writables and Place Names on iPad/ Kindle!

July 29 2014: Manyland opened on July 29th 2013, and Godi is hosting a Manyversary party tonight -- please check The Board's calendar for details!

July 29 2014: If you see a flag-worthy forum comment, please click the arrow to the left of it and hit the flag button -- we've just updated things so that a few flags will auto-hide that comment! Thanks Fae & Alex!

July 29 2014: Interactings which are set to Solid can now check against being hit by a thrown item using the HITS keyword!

July 29 2014: Crumbling blocks have several new attributes, and when you set them to Strong you can also define an optional Equipment name to be required for smashing! Thanks Godi!

July 28 2014: There's new weaeable attributes: Storm Wind Resistant, Heat Resistant, and Cold Resistant! (As before, the Breather attribute guards against Harmful Air.) Thanks Sahrah and Q!

July 28 2014: Interactings have the new "Someone sits on ..." and "Someone lies on ..." syntax! Thanks Lolz!

July 28 2014: You can now write "spoiler" anywhere in a writable comment to have the text following it be hidden and expandable on click! You can use this to hide explanations to puzzles, or anything that could spoil something for others.

July 28 2014: You can now use quotes in Interactings, like HEARS "SOMETHING", to restrict to precise matches instead of partial ones! (The word "Hi" will automatically trigger a precise match now even without quotes.) Thanks Godi and Fae!

July 28 2014: Please note in the type picker, Dynamic can now be found below Interacting, and Lively Thing in the Changing Thing category.

July 26 2014: Interactings can now check for current and ended motions/ dynamics!

July 25 2014: Dynamics have a new attribute named "Behind" to appear behind an Interacting that triggers it! Dynamics also have the new command Crop!

July 25 2014: Interactings are now able to react again immediately after their current interaction finished (there was a small delay before)! Also, there's a new Interacting command: Wait (e.g. /wait 4.2s)!

July 25 2014: There's a new Interacting function [received], listing the last item received (similar to the existing [heard])!

July 25 2014: Wearable and Most Holdables now have the Clonable attribute as well!

July 24 2014: Here's how to create a prize giving machine by combining Interacting + Dynamic!

July 23 2014: Here's how to create a spinning wheel using the new Interacting + Dynamic combination feature!

July 23 2014: Dynamic's Rotate command now accepts much larger degrees values! Thanks Cat!

July 23 2014: In addition to Motions, an Interacting can now also trigger a Dynamic to show in its place!

July 23 2014: You now don't need to move away from an Interacting to lose an item (or consume a consumable) it gave you! Thanks Armard!

July 22 2014: There's many new Sound blocks! Check the Item Repo board to grab them. Thanks for all suggestions!

July 18 2014: You can now add sounds to a variety of types! Find the current sound blocks at the Item Repo board.

July 18 2014: Things now have the Clonable attribute too!

July 16 2014: Interactings can now listen to Dynamic blocks being triggered!

July 15 2014: There's a new type in the Lively category: Dynamic!

July 11 2014: You can now also check "they embody" (or e.g. "they don't embody *") in Interactings!

July 11 2014: If the "Someone Arrives" syntax in Interactings didn't work for you before, please try again! Thanks Percy!


September 13th 2013: Manyland is opening for many more people today!

July 29th 2013: We're opening the doors for early testing!


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What are the keyboard and mouse controls?

Press keys W A S D or ↑ ← ↓ → = Run and Jump
Space or Action button = Pick up/ Mount/ Wear, and drop/ unmount/ unwear
Down = Open body motions if available
Down (when holding something) = Drop holdable

Right-click (while dragging) = Rotate
Ctrl+Click (on a thing) = Delete thing (Cmd+Click on Mac)
Ctrl+Click (on yourself) = Remove held item
Shift+drag (a thing) = Move thing
Shift+Click (on dust) = Undo deletion
Shift+Click (on person) = Upvote
ESC = close dialog

F1 = list friends
F2 = show snapshots (double click snapshot to teleport there)
F4 = make snapshot
F9 = toggle map
F10 = toggle showing of menus (requires rank 5)

Collecting & building with mouse: To build something, drag it from one position in the world to a free other position. Drag something from your collection and creation panes into the world to place it, or drag it into the pane to collect it.

To chat with someone, just start typing. Others will see what you say as you type it. (If you prefer WASD for moving but just chatted, hold one of WASD a bit longer to switch back to moving.)

During creation, more shortcuts are listed in the menu. For instance, M mirrors, and C toggles an animation cell. You can use Ctrl+Arrow to move the creation, and Ctrl+Shift+Arrow to expand or shrink it from your cursor position.

You can also run around with a joystick or joypad.

If you don't have one, look for USB joystick or joypad at Amazon or another place... then grab this tool and map Up-Left-Down-Right to the keys WASD.

What are some other places related to Manyland?

(Got more? Please email us!)

A trailer made by GrimTheReaper

What are the different thing types?

There are no limits to your fantasy in Manyland, so be creative and create anything you want! Here are some of the current types you can create:

(Note many tile types require you to touch all 4 sides of the canvas with at least 1 pixel. For other types, like things, less sides are enough. Holdable Items can be of nearly any size at all.)

Where does the world end?

There's no end here -- Manyland is infinite in all directions, waiting for you to build and discover! No single map could fit here showing all of Manyland, but the universe has a structure like this:

(Building in inner ring means new-borns won't be immediately stumbling upon your creations in the future.)

How does friending work?

If you enjoy someone's company, you can click them and then click the "+My Friends" button. This has a couple of benefits:

(Reversely, you can also block someone, which results in their speech not be heard by you anymore, and them not being able to add a finder to you.)

What does the hand with the number mean?

This shows someone's rank from 1 to 5 (or sometimes, 0). Try not to be too concerned about this number... around 1 is for new people, around 5 for very good and constructive citizens (0 shows someone has been blocked from building, e.g. after getting lots of downvotes; most of the time this is only temporary and people will get back to their previous rank after a while).

What's the Manyland behavior etiquette?

Manyland is proud to have people from all walks of life and all colors of the rainbow. Respect is one of our building blocks. We strive for a peaceful environment for everyone.

Try to be a good citizen and respect the creations of others when they're good, or improve them when they're not. You can upvote others when you find they do good, and downvote them if you find they do bad. You can also report offensive things in the world by right-clicking them, then clicking the flag that shows up. Your voice and action matter a lot: voting, flagging, helping and guiding, uncluttering and many other things are our powers to maintain and shape this universe for good!

When interacting with others, please be respectful. For instance, killing others around you (unless it's part of a voluntary game amongst friends), cursing at them, or otherwise showing hate against them, is against the etiquette. Cluttering, littering, impersonation to confuse, deceptive creations outside of voluntary challenges, mass tagging, carelessness in mass removing of structures by others, offensiveness, strong rudeness in speech or drawings, trolling, picking of fights, aggressive behavior, and flooding with speech or actions, aren't wanted by most and are against the etiquette. Please do not create pixel-by-pixel copies of existing external artwork (unless you can be sure e.g. fair use or public domain rules cover it). If someone doesn't want to participate in something you planned, like a game, try to find like-minded people elsewhere in the world, as there's enough space for everyone in Manyland.

Often, location matters: what people may consider offensive in one area may be accepted, funny and terrific in another more distant location with another group. Try to apply common sense and find the group and location that's right for you and enjoy! Voting is the basis for how we all self-maintain and this will keep your received votes in great shape.

Please note the current welcome points are a special case as far as structures are concerned, as we often clean up together there to give new arrivals a chance to experiment, with some "free air" around.

If you get to Rank 4, you'll soon afterwards get a message to take a citizenship test to rank up to 5. At Rank 5 you can then portal to the Inner Ring. Please read the terms below for more.

What are the terms of service?

We try to keep the terms text short :)

First of all, we take our responsibility very seriously, and want to provide a long-term sustainable environment for everyone who joined. If you join Manyland, you agree to all of these terms of service.

Manyland requires you to be at least 13 years of age, and in some countries older: See Google's terms and age requirements and Facebook's age requirements for the US requirements and those of other countries. Logging in to Manyland is only possible via either a Google account or a Facebook account, so their respective terms and restrictions apply if you join Manyland, too.

Note we never automatically post to your wall or connect your friends and such when you login with Google or Facebook.

We try to have the world be stable & permanent and have backups and such... but can make no guarantees regarding lost data or availablility of the service. We may block users who we find abuse the service, and cancel accounts if they go against above etiquette or terms. We won't send emails to you unless you signed up for our separate newsletter or there's something very important going on.

We want the best for Manyland and its citizens, and to that end reserve the right to do amend the world and its rules in any ways we think helps create the best place for all citizens.

By submitting content here you affirm that you have the necessary licenses, rights, trademarks etc. on that content and that you give Manyland the right to do anything with it. Otherwise you are not allowed to use trademarked properties or copy work. (Non-terms sidenote: We personally wish the world would switch to movements like Creative Commons and vastly broaden Fair Use and remixing defense in everyday creative situations.) Please note we will process and investigate all notices of alleged infringements and take appropriate actions as part of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, notifications of claims and counter-notifications should be sent in this form.

If you're not an adult or you don't know if someone else is an adult, don't ask for or provide personal information like address, email, web page, phone number and such. By logging in to Manyland you agree to all of the terms, which may change in the future. You agree not to create offensive structures or things in the world, or say offensive things using chat or other communication. You agree not to set up multiple accounts, or share one account with different people. We are trying to focus on world health and happiness for all of us. We reserve the right to delete any account and creations at our discretion, and there are automatic blocks based on certain patterns. Automation, redistribution or wrapping of Manyland and its components, or interfacing with them outside of the ones provided, is against the terms.

Privacy policy: Third parties may serve and target ads to you and place cookies. We use localStorage to save things too to provide a better experience, e.g. to restore the creation you were working on in case your computer or browser crashes in-between. We are providing the service on the infamous "as is" basis and cannot guarantee anything and disclaim all warranties.

We will do our best to provide a great environment for all of you!

What happens when I log in via Google or Facebook?

We're handling logins via Google and Facebook so you don't have to go through setting up yet another service and password. We will never even see your password from these providers, when you sign in with them we only see your email address and some basic info about your profile. We will not automatically push any "news messages" to e.g. your Google+ or Facebook feed. We don't like that kind of behavior. If there ever are things pushed to Google or Facebook, you will be the one opting in to that separately so you're in control of what happens.

How do I uprank?

If you're still on your way to rank 5 (the highest rank), don't worry too much: ranking should happen automatically and naturally if you explore, chat with others, try different things, give it a bit of time, and do good in the world. (Upranking does not happen faster if you try to do a lot of one thing, like placing, just to uprank.) Upvotes by experienced manyzens will help.

If you feel like you're on the same rank for several days despite all this, try to do two things: First, carefully read through all of the terms and etiquette. If there's anything you think you could do better in regards to these, try to amend this. Second, after you did that, hit the "Meet" button, and try to find some of us to hang around with and talk to. This will help you better understand our community spirit and shared etiquette, and others may also provide you with much more guidance.


Which devices and browsers does Manyland support?

Manyland should work great on modern desktop browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari on PC, Mac, and hopefully Linux too. There's also an iPad app and one for Kindle Fire HDX. IExplorer 11 has some problems for now and can't access it, but we consider working on this in the future. We're also looking into Android and iPhone support.

Want to know more?

Check out our Tips, Tricks & References page for more... and collect the Writable block "The Board" to get in touch, post input, or get help!

Who are you and where can I send feedback?

Manyland by Scott Lowe & Philipp Lenssen, with world creation by all of you.

Theme music of first video by Duncan MacKinnon featuring Johann Strauss II's The Blue Danube. Additional sound effects via licensed under Creative Commons; thanks to all the sound makers. The music for the "In a universe" video is Raindrops and Waterfalls by Nicholas Pesci, with narration by Chuck Fresh. Manyland™ is a trademark by Scott Lowe and Philipp Lenssen. Manyland blocks logo by Korikabu. Music for "Somewhere in infinity" is "Where's My Banjo" by Rimsky (Salvador Fornieles & Carla Olaortua). Music for "10 things" is My Very Own Hostage by Atomic Pop. Music for "Walk right in" is by Kevin MacLeod and Cannon's Jug Stompers. Manyland is copyright by Scott Lowe & Philipp Lenssen. To export the PNG of your creations for use elsewhere, shift-right-click them. Manyland™ is a trademark and service mark of Scott Lowe & Philipp Lenssen. Thanks to everyone who supports, inhabits, provides feedback to, spreads the word of, and shapes Manyland. Thanks Nikolai Kordulla for helping with the iOS wrapper. Thanks go out to the makers of Chrome, Firefox and all other nice browsers, PhotoPaint, PaintShop Pro, Audacity, ImpactJS by Dominic Szablewski, NodeJS, MongoDB, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and other cool web technologies. Thanks to the makers of devices we build on. Thanks to civilization whose shoulders we stand on, coffee, tea, and the universe in general.

We love to hear your feedback or questions at