Manyland is an open world created and inhabited by all of us! In a universe that's infinite in all directions, you run around and explore, collect items you see, create things, build new areas, chat with others, work in teams, have fun... and invent completely new things to do. Everything you see has been made by all of us together, and drawn right within the world. There's over 100,000 areas waiting for you to explore, and many friendly people to say Hi to.

To get a quick overview of some of the things you can do, please visit Guide Island! You will also find a help forum there to ask questions. If you want to learn more, have a look at Help Town. Also check out our Support page for frequently asked questions. We also got a Tips, Tricks page.

There's also videos where you can find out how to draw something, create your home, find friends, invite people to your area, create an adventure, record music, create an event, create your body and create a dynamic.

What's new?

November 26 2015: Harmful Aimables can now harm solid Movers! Thanks AustinJL!

November 26 2015: Dynamics and Interactings now have the Not Auto-Filled attribute! Thanks Cyberdetective!

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November 25 2015: We fixed an issue with Steam Minfinity and Mifts buying! Thanks Rik and Dragon!

November 25 2015: Similar to welcome areas, you can now also give a lock reason when locking someone from a created area! You will be able to see your lock reason the next time you click the door. Others won't see the lock reason that was given, though if one is editor for the area, it will tell who gave the lock. (As opposed to welcome area locks, which follow the global etiquette and terms rules, created area locks are mostly at the discretion of the area editors and their ruleset.) Thanks Qusion!

November 18 2015: The 19th of every month is Manyday! Qusion says "This month it's tribe versus tribe as we join together at a survivor themed Manyday! ... You'd better start thinking about which tribe you want to join. Uliuli the tribe of the ocean, or Lenalena the tribe of the beach! It's going to be an amazing event so join us please on Many Island for sun, sea and sensational entertainment!" * Find out more on the Misc. board's Manyday thread:

November 17 2015: We're live on Steam! (Please note that if you get the Steam version, it will automatically make a second account based on your Steam account, this is ok per the guidelines: ) If you like the Steam version, please leave a review with them, it makes a big difference! Thanks everyone!

October 31 2015: You can visit Armard's Ghostly Town for trick or treating!

October 13 2015: In case you missed it, Teenage Emily interviewed Qusion in Manyland Studio's Carrie Live show yesterday! Thanks Dave for recording it, and thanks to Richey Entertainment Network! * Here's the studios: * Qusion's areas:

October 11 2015: If you missed last night's studio live stream, here's the archived version:,-2015 ! If you want to know how to stream Manyland to YouNow yourself, here's a tutorial: Thanks everyone who joined & helped yesterday!

October 8 2015: There's a new attribute for Liquid: Effects-free! Thanks Qusion!

October 7 2015: Dynamics now have time markers! There are also new time-related commands, like "seconds angle" and more. Thanks everyone!

October 1 2015: As area writable editor, you can now also remove comments which weren't the thread-starting ones! We also fixed an issue where not all area writable editors would see the editing triangle before. Also, comment editing is working again now. Thanks everyone!

September 29 2015: Far Backs have a new attribute: Inward! Thanks Cury!

September 29 2015: There are new Interacting area settings: /they can't be affected by friends, /they can map-transport, /they can't remove dynamic, and /they can't remove holdable! Thanks Cyel, Azuresh, Cyberdetective, everyone!

September 26 2015: If you missed this month's Manyday event, Richey made a video!

September 25 2015: Bovine Gamers made a video! * Also check out her area:

September 21 2015: Flexible and Crumbling now have the Clonable attribute! Thanks Cyel!

September 17 2015: There's a new Find Areas feature in the bottom-left menu!

September 14 2015: Godiva says, "Come one, come all! To Pixel Land! An action-adventure area with puzzle & RPG elements: Grow crops and bake edible desserts! ... Milk cows and shear sheep! ... Fish and hunt to earn gold! Tame wild animals! ... Mine ores and create weapons and shields!"

September 10 2015: There's two more voice boosts now!

September 9 2015: There's two new voice boosts (at around the 1 and 2 o'clock positions on the boost ring)!

September 9 2015: Writing a Manyland Time in your status (like 2015-09-09 17:00 MT) now auto-converts to local time!

September 8 2015: Writable thread options now also have "Get Link" (if you started the thread or are editor of the Writable)! Thanks Cyel!

September 8 2015: Using .acts in scripts now works! Thanks Percy and Amar!

September 3 2015: We fixed an issue where clearing of an Interacting state from the Mystates! dialog didn't fully work directly and had required a reload!

September 3 2015: Here's a tutorial on how to use custom verbs in adventures:

September 3 2015: For those who haven't heard of it yet, there's a Manyland subreddit at . Nicole says: "PLEASE POST!! IF YOU HAVE AN AREA, SHARE IT! SNAPS, WE WANT THEM! SHOW US YOUR IDEAS, SEND US YOUR COMMENTS! UPVOTE EVERYTHING!"

September 2 2015: Liquid has new opaqueness attributes! Thanks Richey!

August 31 2015: Climbables have a new attribute: Not Auto-Filled (by Backs)! Thanks Cyel!

August 29 2015: You can now add Far Back coordinates to the text editor by clicking in the world!


September 13th 2013: Manyland is opening for many more people today!

July 29th 2013: We're opening the doors for early testing!

You can follow the news here or on Twitter and Facebook.

What are the keyboard and mouse controls?

Press ↑ ← ↓ → (or WASD) = Run and Jump
Typing = chat
Space or Action button = Pick up/ Mount/ Wear, and drop/ unmount/ unwear
Down = Open body motions or area possessions if available
Down (when holding something) = Drop holdable

Right-click or Ctrl-R (while dragging) = Rotate
Ctrl+Click (on a thing) = Delete thing (Cmd+Click on Mac)
Ctrl+Click (on yourself) = Remove held item
Shift+drag (a thing) = Move thing
Shift+Click (on dust) = Undo deletion
Shift+Click (on person) = Upvote
ESC = close dialog
F10 = toggle showing of menus
Ctrl+I = show my public snapshots in full view
Ctrl+B = Boosts
Ctrl+H = Travel Holder
Ctrl+F (during creation) = Find type

Collecting & building with mouse: To build something, drag it from one position in the world to a free other position. Drag something from your collection and creation panes into the world to place it, or drag it into the pane to collect it.

You can quickly place multiple blocks by placing at the edges of an empty rectangle in clockwise order, starting at the top left (this also works mirrored, and with removing all-same blocks). You can more quickly build lines by placing in the order of e.g. 12...43.

Friending: If you enjoy someone's company, you can click them and then click the "+My Friends" button. They will then appear in your My Friends list, which you can open by clicking on yourself, then "My Friends" (or on desktop, pressing F1). You can also ping friends with your location. (Reversely, you can also block someone, which results in their speech not be heard by you anymore, and you not being listed in their friends list.)

Which devices does Manyland support?

Manyland should work great on modern desktop browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari on PC, Mac, and hopefully Linux too. There's a Steam app for Windows 7/ 8/ 10 (64 bit). There's also an iPad app and one for Kindle Fire HDX.

What's the Manyland behavior etiquette?

Manyland is proud to have people from all walks of life and all colors of the rainbow. Respect is one of our building blocks. We strive for a peaceful environment for everyone.

Try to be a good citizen and respect the creations of others when they're good, or improve them when they're not. You can upvote others when you find they do good, and flag-report them if you find they do something against the terms or etiquette. You can also temporarily or permanently area-lock them as editor of an area. You can also report offensive things in the world by right-clicking them, then clicking the flag that shows up. Your voice and action matter a lot: upvoting, flagging, helping and guiding, uncluttering and many other things are our powers to maintain and shape this universe for good!

When interacting with others, please be respectful. For instance, killing others around you (unless it's part of a voluntary game amongst friends), cursing at them or otherwise showing hate against them, is against the etiquette. Cluttering, littering, impersonation to confuse, deceptive creations outside of voluntary challenges, mass tagging, carelessness in mass removing of structures by others, offensiveness, strong rudeness in speech or drawings, trolling, picking of fights, personal attacks, spreading rumors about someone, aggressive behavior, and flooding with speech or actions, aren't wanted by most and are against the etiquette. You may not reserve area names for future use, or mass create new areas, as everyone should get a chance at the names. Please do not create pixel-by-pixel copies of existing external artwork (unless you can be sure e.g. fair use or public domain rules cover it). If someone doesn't want to participate in something you planned, like a game, try to find like-minded people elsewhere in the world, as there's enough space for everyone in Manyland.

Often, location matters: what people may consider offensive in one area may be accepted, funny and terrific in another more distant location with another group. Try to apply common sense and find the group and location that's right for you and enjoy! Communication, upvoting and flagging is the basis for how we all self-maintain and this will keep your stats in great shape.

Please note the current welcome points are a special case as far as structures are concerned, as we often clean up together there to give new arrivals a chance to experiment, with some "free air" around.

Please note that it is against the etiquette to post issues specifically related to an account, or one person, on general writables (or really, any other public place). Account-related issues need to be either discussed in person, or if that's not possible, discussed in private with us via email. This helps the privacy of all involved.

Please read the terms below for more.

What are the terms of service?

We try to keep the terms text short :)

First of all, we take our responsibility very seriously, and want to provide a long-term sustainable environment for everyone who joined. If you join Manyland, you agree to all of these terms of service.

Manyland requires you to be at least 13 years of age, and in some countries older: See Google's terms and age requirements and Facebook's age requirements for the US requirements and those of other countries. Logging in to Manyland is only possible via either a Google account or a Facebook account, so their respective terms and restrictions apply if you join Manyland, too.

Note we never automatically post to your wall or connect your friends and such when you login with Google or Facebook.

We try to have the world be stable & permanent and have backups and such... but can make no guarantees regarding lost data or availablility of the service. We may block users who we find abuse the service, and cancel, remove or block accounts, creations or areas if they go against the etiquette or terms. We may send out emails, but there will be an easy unsubscribe-forever-from-all-emails link with them.

We want the best for Manyland and its citizens, and to that end reserve the right to amend the world and its rules in any ways we think helps create the best place for all citizens.

By submitting content here you affirm that you have the necessary licenses, rights, trademarks etc. on that content and that you give Manyland the universe-wide, non-exclusive, royalty-free right to do anything with it, and to give all Manyzens the universe-wide, non-exclusive, royalty-free rights to access this content (community happiness is our top priority to which all other decisions follow). Otherwise you are not allowed to use trademarked properties (including in created area names) or copy work. (Non-terms sidenote: We personally wish the world would switch to movements like Creative Commons and vastly broaden Fair Use and remixing defense in everyday creative situations.) Please note we will process and investigate all notices of alleged infringements and take appropriate actions as part of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA), notifications of claims and counter-notifications should be sent in this form. It is against the terms to embed, share, upload, create or communicate content which is against the law.

If you're not an adult or you don't know if someone else is an adult, don't ask for or provide personal information like address, email, web page, phone number and such. By logging in to Manyland you agree to all of the terms, which may change in the future. You also agree to keep to our etiquette. You agree not to create offensive structures or things in the world, or say offensive things using chat or other communication. You agree to keep the etiquette and Writable etiquette in all your actions and content. We unfortunately can't offer refunds if you paid for something in Manyland and there's a ban resulting from a breach of terms, or if the service is unavailable (we'll try our best). You also agree to not share your Manyland account with other people, or let others join Manyland via your Google/ Facebook/ Amazon account (an account must be self-managed, and for communication with us, the associated email needs to be used). We are trying to focus on world health and happiness for all of us. We reserve the right to delete any account and creations at our discretion, and there are automatic blocks based on certain patterns. Automation, redistribution or wrapping of Manyland and its components, or interfacing with them outside of the ones provided, is against the terms. Importing of graphics via Changers or other means is against the terms. Client-side code manipulation is against the terms. It's against the terms to submit untrue flag reports.

You agree not to set up multiple accounts with Manyland, except where it meets the guidelines below.

A second account is allowed if one is from the web (Google, Facebook or Amazon) and the other is set up with Steam, provided that:

Privacy policy: Third parties and we may serve and target ads to you and place cookies. We use localStorage to save things too to provide a better experience, e.g. to restore the creation you were working on in case your computer or browser crashes in-between. By continuing to use Manyland, you agree to this cookie policy. We are providing the service on the infamous "as is" basis and cannot guarantee anything and disclaim all warranties.

Legal info - Termination: Manyland does not guarantee that it will continue to offer access to the system and services or support the app. Manyland may in its sole discretion cease to provide any or all of the services offered in connection with Manyland (including access to the system and any or all features or components of the app), terminate the EULA, close all accounts and cancel all of the rights granted to you under the EULA. Manyland may communicate such termination to you upon 30 days' notice in any of the following manners: 1) when you log into your account; 2) in a notice on Manyland website; 3) via email; or 4) in another manner that Manyland deems suitable to inform you of the termination. If Manyland terminates the EULA pursuant to this section, you will not receive a refund of any fees.

Legal info - Account termination: Manyland may immediately, and without notice, discontinue or suspend access to the system through your account, and close your account, if we find a violations of the terms. You will not be entitled to receive a refund of fees for a termination pursuant to this section.

[Please note: Our goal is to offer the Manyland service for as long as it's possible. It's our labor of love and we are very dedicated to it. What if the servers go down though, or we can't pay the costs of running anymore (and the voluntary Minfinity plan doesn't sufficiently help)? What if anything else happens that makes it difficult for us to continue the service? We may then one day consider e.g. mandatory plans, or other additional ways to cover costs to ensure the stability for all of you, or even restrict (or worst case, stop) the service. We hope this won't ever happen, but wanted to put in this cautionary note in any case... we hope you understand!]

We will do our best to provide a great environment for all of you!

Writable etiquette

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The etiquette and terms for Writable forums follow above etiquette and terms – for instance, to always be respectful. In addition:

A big thanks to everyone who participates in writables!

More information

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Photosensitive warning

A very small percentage of individuals may experience epileptic seizures when exposed to certain light patterns or flashing lights. Exposure to certain patterns or backgrounds on a computer screen, or while playing games, may induce an epileptic seizure in these individuals. Certain conditions may induce previously undetected epileptic symptoms even in persons who have no history of prior seizures or epilepsy.

If you, or anyone in your family, have an epileptic condition, consult your physician prior to using Manyland. If you experience any of the following symptoms while playing a video or game -- dizziness, altered vision, eye or muscle twitches, loss of awareness, disorientation, any involuntary movement, or convulsions -- immediately discontinue use and consult your physician before resuming.

What happens when I log in via Google or Facebook?

We're handling logins via Google, Steam, Facebook and Amazon so you don't have to go through setting up yet another service and password. We will never even see your password from these providers, when you sign in with them we only see your email address and some basic info about your profile. We will not automatically push any "news messages" to e.g. your Google+ or Facebook feed. We don't like that kind of behavior. If there ever are things pushed to Google or Facebook, you will be the one opting in to that separately so you're in control of what happens.

About ads

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Showing ads helps finance this universe. Thank you!

Advertisements are automated, so we don't know specifically what's shown to you. If there's any ad you find objectable, please email us a screenshot so we can look into it.

What are some other places related to Manyland?

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(Got more? Please contact us!)

More videos

A trailer made by GrimTheReaper



Bruce Willakers in Manyland (here's more)




And here's the first Manyland video...

Who are you and where can I send feedback?

Manyland developed by Scott Lowe & Philipp Lenssen, with world creation by all of you.

Theme music of first video by Duncan MacKinnon featuring Johann Strauss II's The Blue Danube. Additional sound effects via licensed under Creative Commons; thanks to all the sound makers. The music for the "In a universe" video is Raindrops and Waterfalls by Nicholas Pesci, with narration by Chuck Fresh. Manyland™ is a trademark by Scott Lowe and Philipp Lenssen. Manyland blocks logo by Korikabu. Music for "Somewhere in infinity" is "Where's My Banjo" by Rimsky (Salvador Fornieles & Carla Olaortua). Music for "10 things" is My Very Own Hostage by Atomic Pop. Music for "Walk right in" is by Kevin MacLeod and Cannon's Jug Stompers. Manyland is copyright by Scott Lowe & Philipp Lenssen. Address. Email. To export the PNG of your creations for use elsewhere, shift-right-click them. Manyland™ is a trademark and service mark of Scott Lowe & Philipp Lenssen. Thanks to everyone who supports, inhabits, provides feedback to, spreads the word of, and shapes Manyland. Thanks Nikolai Kordulla for helping with the iOS wrapper. Thanks go out to the makers of Chrome, Firefox and all other nice browsers, PhotoPaint, PaintShop Pro, Audacity, Apple and GarageBand, ImpactJS by Dominic Szablewski, NodeJS, MongoDB, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and other cool web technologies. Thanks to the makers of devices we build on. Thanks to civilization whose shoulders we stand on, coffee, tea, and the universe in general.

We love to hear your feedback or questions!

Who are the Manyland backers?

Manyland is made with all of our passion and heart. We're hoping to put it on a stable financial fundament to cover the monthly costs. Whether or not you get Minfinity, thank you for being in Manyland!