Manyland is an open universe we invent and live together... thanks for being a part of it!

Arrow keys or WASD to move (long tap WASD if you were chatting)
Drag a block to build or collect
Ctrl-click a block to remove
Right-click during dragging to rotate
Drag your creation onto the Create button to clone it.

>> Please visit Helptown for more, and post your questions at the help board there!
You can also speak "To Helptown" to go there.

Select Create Area from the bottom-left menu to start your own location with minfinite space around it.
Tip: You can quickly build one block many times by placing at the edges of an empty rectangle in circular order starting at the top (removing works the same). Lines can be built by placing in the order of e.g. 1 2 ... 4 3.

Friending: If you enjoy someone's company, add them to your friends list by clicking them, then clicking "+My Friends". Press F1 to open your friends list, where you can also ping people... they'll see your ping if they have friended you too. (Reversely, you can block someone to stop seeing their speech and to stop appearing on their friends list.)

Please review Manyland if you like it, thanks! This is a project of love and we dislike pay-to-win, paid DLCs, or timers.
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