You can use the following formatting options in Readable and Writable texts:

This is a Headline 
This is _emphasis_ (typically italics)... 
this is **strong emphasis** (typically bold)... 
this is ~~strikethrough~~... 
this is ^^smaller or less important^^...

(You can escape the underscore, asterisk and tilde to not have this formatting be preceding with a backslash, like "\_".)

The following types of URLs or text automatically embed or offer functionality: plays the song when clicked a YouTube video a Twitch channel stream an image
spoilerDisclaims a coming spoiler. It will hide what's following, expandable on click/ tap.
Similar to spoiler, they collapse what's following. location URLs will add a finder when clicked
2015-02-25 19:00 MTThe Manyland date and time written like this adds the event to the calendar and shows a local time added for reference (more...)
[4 spaces followed by text]Preformats the text in monospace font, useful for e.g. Interacting code

(Also see the the Writable etiquette...)


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