La Creacion De Un Nuevo Universo

es un bar de mala muerte donde no hay cover y las chedas son gratis ok no es un mapa para poder crear mis cosas como lo asen los de mas UWU

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Unfortunately, Manyland – the universe we lived, scripted & drew together – had to close due to a lack of budget, which also meant a lack of budget for updates. Thanks to all of you and let us remember the good times with this Museum site! Together, in the 10 years from July 29th 2013 to February 29th 2024, we made over 800,000 areas, 6 million items, 900 million placements... and countless memories & friendships.

This site collects 100,000 snapshots from 25,000 areas, as well as 100,000 items, all made by the 500,000 people who registered. A community-effort for further archival & more is at


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